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Property Description

New apartments for Sale in Tuscany, Historic Villa in Monteriggioni, Siena.

The development of Villa La Posta is aiming to create a condominium of 9 lots\ apartments, which will be managed as a touristic asset/private residency.
The villa will be transformed into a coaching house along the Via Francigena, a place to stop and enjoy the comforts of our hospitality, promoting the excellencies of the land and sharing a different vision of the amenities that it provides.
It will include a reception area for information and a gallery dedicated to contemporary art, particularly inspired by the quality of the sustainable environment granted by the regional regulation regarding the Via Francigena which implies no other new constructions will be built along its way.

Two remaining apartments available to buy (ready spring 2023):

THE READING ROOM Lot n. 8, identified as The Reading Room can be found on the first floor directly above the space dedicated to the gallery offering views over The Rose Garden, The Courtyard and to the south across the hills. The lot, which holds 125 sqm, will be offered fully restored and delivered to modern standards comprising of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a large living space with a kitchen. This intervention will be undertaken with the support of the Italian taxes grants known as the Super bonus to fulfil the restoration, energy efficiency and the implementation of anti-seismic protection measures.
The main feature of The Reading Room apartment is given by the light entering the studio and living room from three different spots facing three different cardinal points. The light which fills the spaces is bright, light and delicate during the day and that is exactly why this part of the house was dedicated to reading and writing.

THE FRONT GARDEN APARTMENT Lot n. 9, identified as The Front Garden apartment can be found on the first floor offering views over The Palatino and to the North. The lot, which holds 115 sqm, will be offered fully restored and delivered to modern standards comprising of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large living space with a kitchen.
This intervention will be undertaken with the support of the Italian taxes grants known as the Super bonus to fulfil the restoration, energy efficiency and the implementation of anti-seismic protection measures.
The main feature of The Front Garden apartment is given by the tranquil position offering a flood of morning light with stunning views over the main front garden and to the east and the woodland trail.

The great Italian garden at the Villa la Posta is the largest in the area by definition of shape and dimensions.Originally designed by Architects Alessandro Doveri and Count Chevalier Luigi de Cambray Digny it is a protected site. Our gardeners have been working hard in the last 4 months clearing the pathways and the labyrinth, carefully reshaping and restoring the main features to the originaldesign. Thanks to photographic and bibliographic research we have managed to identify the original shape and are carefully bringing it back to its primitive elegance.An overview of the garden would say that there are numerous hidden seated areas all around, a sculpting trail, a forest and a traditional Italian ragnaia, a thicket of tall trees.

The Villa la Posta was transformed in 1833 under the direction of the well-known architect and engineer of the time, Alessandro Doveri. Between 1814-1817 he designed the Theatro Rozzi in Siena and was involved in the development of many prominent government buildings in the city during his lifetime. Doveri fashioned his design to fit the purposes of a coaching house offering a fluidity of light and space, a feeling of welcome. The lines and symmetry of Doveri’s design sit seamlessly throughout the grand elegance of the space.
Now we have begun to respectfully commence the restoration under the direction of the celebrated international architect and designer Gerhard Heusch. With offices in LA and Paris, Heusch is known for his architectural integrity and innovative design, synthesising sustainability with elegance.
Together our aim is to rediscover the original purpose of Villa la Posta within the 21st century, bringing a new energy whilst retaining the lightness and features of Doveri’s magnificent design.

The Lemon House was originally used to protect and store the lemon trees during the winter months; this implies a large open space and very high ceilings. It is now being developed to become the first art gallery to be created along the famous Via Francigena and will include a private working art studio. The space, which is occupied by the Lambert Phillips Foundation, will be managed by the founder Grace Lambert-Phillips, their purpose is to create a space where art and life merge. More than a traditional gallery, this space will host exhibitions and events throughout the year. Within the plans there will be hospitality, with rooms available to rent and a fully furnished art studio available for artist’s residency programmes. The studio, will be open for visits, workshops, talks and private events.

La Biblioteca del Gusto is the heart of the house, the core of its harmony and the deepest secure place where its secrets are shared. It is the place where inspiration comes to reality through tastes in the hands of Antonio Acerra, the responsible for hospitality and events. Antonio has several years of experience in the field of start-up and launch of restaurants and concepts dealing with the revisiting of the excellences of the land and its niche products and will be responsible for the care and management of our events and catering, ready to provide the best experience within the finest context. La Bibloteca del Gusto is the place where the science of bien vivre comes to life: pleasure within pleasure. The result is more than the sum of its single parts.

The long-term plan for the Villa la Posta is one of independence and sustainability. Therefore, the whole asset will be aligned to the current regulations in terms of energy efficiency and green certifications. We will have our own production of energy by way of solar panels and heat pumps and our water supply will be drawn from our spring, situated within the grounds.
Our gardeners, under the direction of Antonio and the landscape architect are planning to set a vegetable garden where we will have our own production of vegetables and wild herbs, also beehives and hens, providing daily ingredients for the kitchen. The reintroduction of the lemon trees and planting of fruit trees to create our orchard will also be implemented during the course of the restoration as will the reintroduction of white pigeons to the pigeon house, fulfilling the intentions of the villa’s original aesthetics and function.

In addition to their private spaces, the owners and guests will have full use of all the communal spaces, which includes the gardens and the main rooms on the ground floor, comprising of a reception area, a vast reception room leading to The Courtyard Garden, a dining room and a private dining/sitting room exclusively for the owners, which we identify as the The Clubhouse. These rooms offer numerous dining and seated spaces with open fireplaces with a piano in the central reception room.
One can become an individual owner of a private Residence or acquire a membership in the Villa La Posta Residence Club, which affords residency rights to a selected number of residences in the Villa and in the area.

If you would like to learn more about the project at Villa la Posta or to understand how you may participate, please get in touch.
Here are some of those options:
1: Pre-buy a week or month - plan to open Spring 2023.
2: Club membership - £5,000 Annual access to all the private grounds and spaces, events and amenities.
3: Shares/part ownership of The Lemon House - 10 - 50.000 euro with 5% ROI per annum per maximum 5 years, with the guarantee (ownership) of the real estate. Use of space and accommodation for periods throughout the year.
4: Buy an apartment in the Villa at 70% of the market value, (with an option for the current owners to rebuy the property after 5 years), within those years you would get a 5% per annum return on the investment and 3 months per year to stay within your accommodation and to enjoy the full ownership benefits.
The available apartments are:
The Reading Room - Lot 8- 350,000 euros
The Front Garden Apartment - Lot 9 - 310,000 euros


Antony Zanello

+44 7940 990942

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Monteriggioni, Siena, Tuscany