This gorgeous seaside town that is right next the very famous Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera on one side and the border with Tuscany on the other has largely evaded the radar of foreigners.

​Within the towns of La Spezia and Portovenere, Lerici forms the Golfo dei Poeti, named after the English poets Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, who escaped here in the 1820s.

Well known within Liguria and the north of Italy, Lerici is already very popular with buyers from the northern regions of Lombardia and Emilia Romagna in search of summer homes near beautiful beaches and spectacular panoramic views.

The town is well connected to big city like Pisa, Genoa and Florence. Heading north the very famous cliffs and small rocky beach of the Cinque Terre is just at its doorstep with spectacular boat trips or train rides from the nearby town of La Spezia; to the south you will find the sandy beach of the Versilia in the north of Tuscany.


On the only road that goes towards Tellaro, straight after the fantastic private resort of Eco del Mare, you find the two beautiful  secluded beaches of Fiascherino.

Fiascherino one with its World War II military bunker is a totally free very small sandy beach and rocks that lead to charming quiet places including an even smaller pebbles beach. The location is perfect to watch the sunset behind Portovenere or the view of the islands of Tino and Palmaria at the horizon.


Fiascherino two is closest to Tellaro and is little larger with part of the beach still free and part with beach lounger for a fee. It is ideal for catching the morning sun or renting paddle boats & kayaks for some water excursion.


Portovenere (part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO) is a small village that could have possibly been easy called Sesta Terra for the similarity to the neighbour Cinque Terre.


From the small harbour with the boats, the restaurants and colourful houses to the small medieval alleyway and staircase that brings you around the old town once you enter the Town Gate and Tower, there is always the possibility to capture great photos and enjoy the scenery tasting amazing food.

Even more spectacular are the views once you reach the large piazza facing the gothic Church of San Pietro where you can start to admire a 360 degrees view that covers Lerici and the start of the Tuscan coast on one side and the Cinque Terre on the other, exploring further you reach the Doria Castle & the Church of San Lorenzo. Porto Venere is reachable by car or by boat service from the nearby La Spezia.


Next to Porto Venere there are three small islands, Tino Tinetto and Palmaria.


Tellaro, only a few kilometres from Lerici, a small fishing village voted as one of the most beautiful and charming village in Italy.


Tellaro is formed by little narrow street and stairways that takes you around colourful houses and lead you to the sea front and the view of the Church of San Giorgio that stands in one of the many cliffs above the sea.

The village is built around cliffs with a very small harbour next to San George Church, spectaculars are the view of the Gulf of La Spezia and the three islands from the main piazza or from the terrace in front of the Chiesa di Santa Maria Stella Maris in the centre of the village, and numerous are the bars and restaurants that you can find along the road and in the centre of the village.

La Serra